Prince Alexander Von Ary

H.R.H Prince Alexander von Ary

His Royal Highness Prince Alexander S. von Ary, Honorary Consul of Republic of Chile in Qatar & Chairman of Chile Gulf Chamber of Commerce & Industry. H.R.H Prince Alexander has extensive experience in assisting large multinationals enter new markets. Due to his extensive experiences and background he has been able to facilitate a unique & trusted platform for Multinational companies within these regions.

In consequence, through his international business relationships he acts as a liaison between the East and the West as well as North and South. Through this network of contacts he can bring invaluable key insights on the market dynamics. He is the founder of Global Industrial Products in Chile and in Abu Dhabi, UAE with a focus on Oil & Gas, Waste Water and Renewable Energy industries. In addition to his business initiatives he has co-founded The RACH Charitable Trust Foundation in the UK and USA to help people in need to help themselves. He is an expert at lobbying at the highest levels and public relations. H.R.H Prince Alexander has a world class team supporting him across all specialisms.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Chile

Chairman Chile Gulf Chamber Commerce & Industry

Vice President of RACH Foundation

President – Economic Affairs Committee

KRETO Trade Commissioner for the State of Karnataka for Latin America and Caribbean region.

Vice President of Latin American and Caribbean Federation of India (LACFI)